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  1. This is the place to leave your feedback about your purchase item. Was your item shipped to you in excellent condition. Were you happy with it? Did the seller process your order correct? Was the package shipped with strong cardboard and in a plastic sheet so it did not get bent. Would you come back to my website again. All comments are welcome.

    Keep reaching for the stars at Teen Stars Forever Pinups.

  2. Amazing selection of celebrity goodies! Grateful to have a place to go for vintage and rare paper collectibles that I absolutely cannot find anywhere else. Top notch service! Generous correspondence, updates when new articles of interest are uploaded to the site, super fast shipping, and packages always packed to ensure my goodies arrive in perfect condition! I LOVE this store! I’ve become a regular customer and plan to be back again…and again…and again…and again!

  3. I am a longtime customer of http://www.teenstarsforeverpinups.com (TSFP), also known as Chraligar on Ebay. The packaging methods used have always been excellent in providing protection of the contents. The customer service and communications between myself and seller has always been excellent. My experiences have been that the prices for materials offered have always been fair and never exorbitant. I highly recommend TSFP and the seller Chraligar on Ebay for teen star materials.


  4. I just received my latest order of pinups & articles. As usual the packaging was excellent, the time between order and delivery was very fast. I highly recommend TSFP for teen celebrity related materials.

  5. Received my latest purchase. As usual, items were shipped very fast and packaged very well. Looking forward to more lovely items. Thanks.

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